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Feet. ©

Cedric looked down at his feet. He had pissed on his new suede boots and on the bottom of his left trouser leg. The wax in his hair had softened and mixed with sweat making his forehead shine and his hair lie limp and greasy. Above his head bright orange names and numbers listed train times and stations. Only the last three boards on the left were still lit; three trains left today, only one of them going in Cedric’s direction.

Katie entered the station barefoot with her shoes tucked under her arm. They were new and cute and expensive but they cut savagely into the skin around her ankle. She had taken them off outside the pub when she left. The soles of her feet were black and the end of her left big toe was scraped and red. This was still more comfortable than wearing her shoes. Without glasses Katie couldn’t read the train times from the boards, it didn’t matter. She always got the last train on Mondays.

Cedric let out a long tired breath and looked up at the signs. Only the last train was his, there were twenty minutes to wait. The last train for Watford Junction on a Monday departs at one thirty four on Tuesday morning. Cedric looked at his shoes again. In the hope that he could dry it a bit Cedric flicked his left leg out to the side.

Katie felt a dull thud and her leg twist. She fell to the floor; her ankle sprained. Cedric’s foot had caught Katie’s ankle just above the joint. She swore loudly. Looking down at the woman’s bare feet Cedric wondered how her shoes had skittered so far across the floor..

“I am so sorry.” He said as he bent towards the woman.

“I should fucking think so.” Katie was rubbing her ankle; her words were fractionally less slurred than Cedric’s. She looked up into the man’s shiny face. His eyes were watery and his jaw hung open. To Katie he looked like a waxwork idiot.

Above them the third orange sign flicked off.

Cedric stooped to help Katie up. He reached out an unsteady hand but Katie rolled on to her knees away from him.

“Don’t you dare touch me again.” Katie’s voice hissed like steam. Cedric withdrew his hand. His mouth felt dry.

Katie pushed herself up onto all fours and then tried to stand. A pain shot up her leg from ankle to knee and she stumbled forward; towards Cedric. He put out his hands to try and stop her falling.

Cedric felt something soft and warm in his hand. He looked down; Katie had ended up backwards against him; not on the floor again. He held her up, an arm under one of her arm pits and around her front.

Katie recovered a little. The man who had kicked her down now was holding her left breast. His arm was pulling her back against his body and he was cupping her boob in his hand.

“Get your fucking hands off me!” she screamed. Katie pulled herself free and started to limp away from Cedric. She could feel tears and a lump rising in her throat. She moved as fast as she could towards the doors of the station; looking around for someone to protect her. There was no one, not at this time of night.

Cedric’s mouth fell open again. He looked down at his hands, turning them over.

“Wait! I didn’t…” Cedric spluttered; his mouth wasn’t working properly. His voice made the woman speed up. He started to follow her. “I didn’t mean to touch you like that. You fell.” Cedric could feel his wet trouser leg flapping against his skin as he sped up to catch the woman.

Behind them the last board in the station flicked off.

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