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Gauge Graphs: Autogenerated from URL Parameters

Title Alert!
Needle 1
Needle 2
Region 1
Region 2

Graph Generated from this url:,%23aa3333|750,%233333aa&r=250,1000,%23ff9999|1500,1750,%2399ff99&a=n

Parameter descriptions:

TitleThe Title of the Gauge Graph. About 25 Characters.
Alert!The centre light is red [checked] or green[unchecked]
MaximumThe maximum value for the Gauge Graph
NeedleNeedle Value Needle HTML colour
RegionRegion Minimum Region Maximum Region HTML Colour - Lighter is better.
NB:Resulting URL can have many more than 2 Needles or Regions.
n=value,colour|value,colour|value,colour etc
r=min,max,colour|min,max,colour|min,max,colour etc